Missions of June - Don't forget to choose your favorites!

The new season will start on the 3rd of June. So the time is coming soon when you need to choose your missions for the next four weeks! Choose from them carefully and as soon as possible to be able to complete them.

Here’s the list of the 7 optional missions:

Play Short Campaign  and defeat your opponents without destroying any towers! How many games  can you win in this season without knocking down a single tower?

Play Duel game mode and  destroy as many castle towers as you can! How many towers will you  destroy in this season? (The numbers of destroyed towers will be added  to your mission whether you win or lose the game.)
Play Long Campaign  and collect the most points during the Expansion and the Allocation of  Free Territories. In other words: start the Battle phase with the most  points. In how many games can you achieve this goal in this season?
How many Alliance games can you win with 2 stars IN A ROW?  How many stars can you collect with your consecutive wins this season?  Do NOT forget, if your winning streak is broken, you have to start  collecting stars all over again!
You need to set up the NUMBERS OF THE STARS when you choose this mission (NOT the numbers of the games).
Collect as many season points as you can after your level-ups every week. What do you think, how many points can you collect in a season? (Only the points which you collect after leveling up count!)
Watch as many rewarded video ads as you can after your games! How many ads can you watch in a season?
You can complete this mission by watching rewarded video ads. You can watch these ads after your ranked or friendly games. You can get 10 rewarded video ads in total per a day. You can find the rewarded video ad by clicking on the gift box on the bottom left corner of the home screen. (The ads are provided by Google Ads. We cannot guarantee you will see video ads all the time. If Google Library doesn't have any ads to show you we cannot do anything, it's not a technical issue.)
Play friendly games in any game modes! The point is to play with at least one your friend. (Only games where you and your friends are both active count!) How many friendly games can you play this season?