We would like to apologize for the technical problems on Monday (11th of March).

Unfortunately, due to the issues started with the new season, the clans couldn't use their purchased question and tactical boosters for a few hours. And those players who chose the newly introduced season point saver booster package as a reward for their optional missions, did not receive their rewards.

Therefore, with the server restart on the 13th of March (Wednesday morning):

  • every clan that had points in the previous season will get 1 MILLION gold in their clan treasury (the gold will be added automatically to the treasury, there won't be any extra pop-up window)
  • all the players who chose the season point saver booster package, as a reward for the optional missions, will receive the selected reward package regardless of whether the quest was completed or not.

We're sorry that this season has had such a rough start. We hope that the new features coming with the new version will make you forget the troubles at the beginning of the week.

We wish you great trivia gaming!
Triviador Team