You can choose your new optional missions on Monday (11th of March). 

Do not forget to choose your favorites to be able to collect the precious rewards after completing them.

What kind of optional quests can you expect next week? Here you go!

1. Ruby Collector:
You can collect Rubies by  achieving daily rank list positions. If you choose this mission you need  to set up the number or the rubies you can collect during the season.  Pay attention, only the rubies collected with DAILY RANK LIST position  count. You can read more about the Gems and how to collect them IN THIS ARTICLE.

2. Ad fanatic:
You can complete this mission by  watching rewarded video ads. You can watch these ads after your ranked  or friendly games. You can get 10 rewarded video ads in total per a day.  You can find the rewarded video ad by clicking on the gift box on the  bottom left corner of the home screen. (The ads are provided by Google  Ads. We cannot guarantee you will see video ads all the time. If Google  Library doesn't have any ads to show you we cannot do anything, it's not  a technical issue.)

3. Question Writer (GQ)

The goal of this mission  is that you submit as many new guess questions as possible and other  players vote these questions into the game.

Only the accepted guess questions count in this mission, the multiple-choice questions do NOT!

4. Tower Keeper:
To complete this mission you  need to play Short or Long Campaigns, or Duel games. Only those games  count which you can finish with keeping your 3 towers. It doesn't matter  if you rebuild one of your tower during the battle, the point is to  have all of your towers when the game ends.

5. Winning streak - Alliance

This mission is about how many Alliance games you can win with 2 stars IN A ROW. You need to set up the NUMBERS OF THE STARS when you choose this mission (NOT the numbers of the games).

For example if you choose a level of this mission and you need to collect  50 stars in a row, in other words it means, you need to win 25 Alliance games in  a row.

6. Defender of the weaks:
This mission can be  completed in Short or Long Campaign game modes. To fulfill this quest  during the battle phase you can only attack your opponent with higher  points. Pay attention to your opponents' points in every round, because  it can easily change from round to round. If there's a tie you can  attack any of the other players, the game will count in terms of the  mission.

7. Easter Mission

This mission will be available only between the 28th of March and 3rd of April. If you choose this quest you'll be able to complete it during these days only. You can play any game modes and collect the Easter Eggs in the  Expansion phase (You will need to occupy that territory where you can  see the Easter Egg). You need to set up how many Easter Eggs you can collect  during the week.

IMPORTANT NOTE! If you do NOT choose this mission but you collect an Easter Egg during your game, you will get your reward at the end of the game.

Which missions will you choose?