The last season of this year will start on Monday!

The list of the optional missions will be renewed. As usual you'll be able to choose 2 missions from the list, but if you're a member of the Dragon Order you can choose 3 quests.

In this last season you'll find the following optional missions:

1. Snowman Mission

This mission will be available only between the 25nd of December and 31st of December. If you choose this quest you'll be able to complete it during this week. You can play any game modes and collect the Snowmen in the Expansion phase (You will need to occupy that territory where you can see the Snowman). You need to set up how many Snowmen you can collect during the week.

IMPORTANT NOTE! If you do NOT choose this mission but you collect a snowman during your game, you will get your reward at the end of the game.

2. Question Writer (GQ)

The goal of this mission is that you submit as many new guess questions as possible and other players vote these questions into the game.

Only the accepted guess questions count in this mission, the multiple-choice questions do NOT!

In general the number of the guess questions are lower in every version than the number of the MC questions. (However, there are some language versions where there are very few guess questions, such as the Bulgarian, the Russian, the Turkish and the Mundo for example.)

3. Winning streak - Alliance

This mission is about how many Alliance games you can win with 2 stars IN A ROW. You need to set up the NUMBERS OF THE STARS when you choose this mission (NOT the numbers of the games).

For example if you choose the 7th level of this mission you need to collect 50 stars in a row, in other words, you need to win 25 Alliance games in a row.

The levels were created based on the previous season analytics. To win 25 games in a row is not impossible to complete. In the previous seasons there were several players who could do it, or reached even longer series.

The other 4 missions are known from previous seasons:

4. After level-up (collect as many seasonpoints as you can after level-up)

5. Without destroying towers (win Short Campaign without destroying any towers)

6. Tower destroyer (destroy as many towers as you can while you play Duel games)

7. Strategist of Long Campaign (have the most game points before the Battle phase in Long Campaign)

It's important to know, regarding the last three missions, that in the previous season, due to a technical problem, there was a disproportion between the game modes' quests. We've corrected this and now these missions will be out with the new, modified levels. (The previous mission of Alliance game mode will be out in another season again.)