The latest version of Triviador is available on the Google Play and on the Apple Store:

IMPORTANT NOTE! The "modification of the soldier" feature will be available only from the 10th of April, 2023. (when the next season will start).

You can find the following new features in the new version:

-Account management:

    * password change

    *email address change (Read more...)

    *player name change

    *soldier change (from the 10th of April, 2023.)

-Practice game  - tutorials

We added some tutorial features to the practice game screen. The beginner players can read short information about the rules of the game modes, and about the boosters.

-The Members of the Order of Dragons can choose any soldier type in the barrack regardless of their levels.

-New scoring system from the 10th of April, 2023. - You can read more information about it if you scroll down a little bit.


As you may have heard about it the season point system will be changed in the upcoming season starts on the 9th of April.

There won't be any changes in the principles of the point system. (The system will be supplemented with some new indicators, but the essence of it will remain the same.)

It will support those players:

- who play to the best of their knowledge, and who answer most of the questions well in each game

- who answers as many questions as they can during a game

- who play ranked games with one player name / language version

- who don't win their battles against beginner players (except Alliance)

- who don't try to trick with their Answer Power Point

- who don't give up, or leave the games they started

Your soldier's best level and what week of the season is it will also matter.

Neither before nor in the future we will NOT share any specifics about the scoring system or how it exactly works, in order to avoid any abuses.

There are 2 main reasons of this change:

1. There are too many ties on the rank lists

Most of the time there are only 100 points difference between the top1 and top1000 on the rank list. That's why it can happen that there are 10-20 players with the same points on the rank lists. 

2. Theoretical maximum of the points per game

In the new scoring system the theoretical maximum of the season points per game will be 1000 instead of the 160 points.

In the new system the theoretical maximum of the point will be a theoretical maximum, it means in practice it can only be achieved in the case of very favorable constellation, only in the last week of the season and certainly not several times in a row.

You will need ~914 points in average to reach the Legend of Light level.

From the next season only the 5 best days of the week will be counted on the rank list (same as in the clan).

Until now it's been a legitimate observation that due to the mid-week level-ups a really good scores can be achieved with 7 days of play.

From now on your points during the week won't be effected by the actual level of your soldier but by the all time best level. So you can collect the same amount of points during the week, you won't be at disadvantage if you play only 5 days.

Your results, levels will be converted to the new system. NO ONE WILL LOSE THEIR LEVELS, RANKINGS, SOLDIERS, ETC. 

You will be converted to the starting point of the levels.

For example if you're on the Legend I. with 27 100 points your points will be converted to 132 000 Points.

The expected date of the conversion: 9th of April 2023.

This maintenance will start around 11 PM / 11.30 PM (UTC / GMT Time zone!). It will take 30-60 minutes. (Current UTC / GMT Time)

Please do not leave your most important games to the end of the season!

Thanks for your understanding and for your patience!

Triviador Team