Choose new optional missions on Monday to complete in the upcoming season!

If you choose an optional quest you can set up not only the difficulty level of the quest but also the type of the rewards. So you can collect GOLD, BOOSTERS and GEMS too.

You can find newer and newer optional missions from time to time. You can try out more kind of missions to find out which fits the best for you.

The new season, starts on Monday (20th of November, 2023.) will provide the following optional quests:

Fullmap Victory:
If you choose this mission you need to win your Alliance games with "fullmap victory" (means, you and your ally need to occupy all the territories of the Evil Lord). Think about how many games you can complete in this way in four weeks (a.k.a in a season).
Tower Keeper:
To complete this mission you need to play Short or Long Campaigns, or Duel games. Only those games count which you can finish with keeping your 3 towers. It doesn't matter if you rebuild one of your tower during the battle, the point is to have all of your towers when the game ends.
Defender of the weaks:
This mission can be completed in Short or Long Campaign game modes. To fulfill this quest during the battle phase you can only attack your opponent with higher points. Pay attention to your opponents' points in every round, because it can easily change from round to round. If there's a tie you can attack any of the other players, the game will count in terms of the mission.
Only with friends:
We recommend this mission for those who like playing friendly games. Only Short and Long Campaign game modes count in this case. During the games both of your friends must be active (answer questions, choose territories) - and of course you too. Anyone can create a friendly game room. If you're not the creator but you're invited to a friendly game, that battle will also count for the quest.
If you're an active member of the Library this mission is for you! Collect as many Library Points as you can in the season. It doesn't matter if you submit a new question or correct a wrong one or just evaluate other's suggestions. All the ways of collecting Library Points count.
Ruby Collector:
You can collect Rubies by achieving daily rank list positions. If you choose this mission you need to set up the number or the rubies you can collect during the season. Pay attention, only the rubies collected with DAILY RANK LIST position count. You can read more about the Gems and how to collect them IN THIS ARTICLE.
Ad fanatic:
You can complete this mission by watching rewarded video ads. You can watch these ads after your ranked or friendly games. You can get 10 rewarded video ads in total per a day. You can find the rewarded video ad by clicking on the gift box on the bottom left corner of the home screen. (The ads are provided by Google Ads. We cannot guarantee you will see video ads all the time. If Google Library doesn't have any ads to show you we cannot do anything, it's not a technical issue.)

Do not forget that you can choose 2 missions in every season. Or 3 if you're a member of the Order of Dragons.