Triviador's virtual currency is the Gold Coin

There are several ways to get Gold:

  • After logging in daily, you will receive a Daily Gift which you can find on the Marketplace (it can be Gold Coins or Boosters too)
  • You can earn Gold Coins by watching a video ad.
  • You can collect Gold Coins after the Daily Rank List results are posted.
  • If you move up one level in the Season, you will be rewarded with Gold in addition to your new rank.
  • At the end of a Season, you can collect Gold Coins based on your Season Score.
  • You can also buy Gold at the Bank.

You can buy QUESTION BOOSTERS, TACTICAL BOOSTERS, REMOVE A SUBJECT BOOSTERS, SEASON POINT SAVERS and you can try to be a member of the ORDER OF DRAGONS for a week by using Gold Coins.