If you have not yet registered an account in the Triviador app, so will not be a member of the Order of Knights. However, you can find some of your stats on your profile page.


You will find the following information on you Guest Player Profile Page:

  • As a Guest player, you will not have a unique name, only an ID
  • Guest players cannot join a Clan. Therefore, you not have a unique Clan Shield
  • Your Shield for the current season
  • Your Daily rankings (only your best rankings are displayed here) - stars and skulls
  • Your current Season Points are displayed next to the calendar icon
  • Your current rank list position on the Season Rank List
  • Under your soldier you can see your best season points and rank
  • The Crowns indicate on your current game count


On the Profile Page you can join the Order of Knights by registering a Triviador account.

You can find more information about the registration process HERE.

Why should you register?

  • You will be added to the Rank Lists
  •  You can take part in the Season Battles and get into the League system
  • You can chat in the League Chat
  • You can invite players to be friends
  • You can join a Clan or create your own
  • You will be able to see more statistics about your games
  • Find out which Subjects you are the best in (detailed response statistics)
  • You can start Tournaments
  • Your Soldier will have extra animations and extra weapons
  • You can send a message to your opponents while playing (predefined messages)
  • You will receive 100,000 Gold Coins as a gift

ATTENTION! As a Guest Player, once you reach 54,000 Season Points you will no longer be able to play. If you want to continue to play you must register an account.