Clans compete on a weekly basis, just as individual players do.
Ranking is determined by the amount of Gold collected by members of a Clan in a given week.
Members receive Gold coins for their Daily Rank List results. You can read more about it 

As the Daily Rank List results change continuously throughout the day, a Clan’s points may increase and decrease throughout the day.

After the Daily Rank List closes, the Gold Coins collected by the members of a Clan will be converted into points.
A Clan's points from the previous day do NOT change!

At the end of the week, Clans will be ranked and can collect the corresponding Clan Stars for that week.

Point Ranges

Clan Stars

200 000 - 399 999 

1 Star

400 000 - 599 999

2 Stars

600 000 - 799 999

3 Stars

800 000 - 1 199 999

4 Stars

1 200 000 - 1 599 999

5 Stars

1 600 000 - 2 399 999

6 Stars

2 400 000 -

7 Stars

The secondary ranking criteria for the Rank List are SEASON POINTS collected by the Clan members in the given week.

For example: if two Clans reach the maximum 2,520,000 points that can be collected in a given week (9,000 * 7 * 40), then the one that will place at the top of the Rank List is the Clan with members who have collected more Season Points that week.

At the end of the week, Clans will receive Gold coins based on their Rank List results. Points are converted to Gold Coins, which are then deposited into the Clan Treasury.

A maximum of 2,520,000 Gold Coins can be collected in the Clan Treasury in a single week.

At the end of the week, a Clan’s score will be reset and the competition will start again.
You will also find a Clan’s best Rank List results in the Clan Profile window.

You can find the Clan Rank Lists in the CLAN Menu. The current, and previous, Weekly Rank Lists are displayed.

In the Global Rank List you will find how your Clan ranks among all Clans from all of the other versions of Triviador.