It is possible to play Triviador as a “Guest Player” without registering an account.

When you first start the application, you need to choose the language and map you want to play.

2. After choosing the version, you must accept the Privacy Policy, the End User License Agreement, and the Triviador Code of Ethics.

Then, you have the following options:

  • Play as a Guest Player (no registration required), or
  • Log in with your email and password if you are already a member of the Order of Knights, which means that you have registered an account for the game

If you have not yet registered an account with Triviador, but would like to try out the game, select “Log in as new player” on the main screen. Click on the green shield with a white check mark.

The next step is to choose your soldier.

After choosing the character, you can start the game from the home screen.

You can play:

Ranked Game,

Practice Game (play with Bots),

Play with Friends,

or join a Tournament. (You can NOT join a Tournament as a Guest player)

If you like the game, we recommend that you register an account as soon as possible, because as a Guest Player:

  • You will NOT place on the Rank Lists

  • You can NOT create, or join a Clan

  • You can NOT see your detailed game statistics or results

  • You can NOT invite other Triviador players to be Friends

  • You  can NOT use the Chat feature while playing a game

  • You  can NOT send custom messages, or animations

  • You  can NOT join Tournaments

  • You can NOT get a new Shields for your Soldier

  • You can NOT submit questions to Triviador

To register, click on the Profile menu and choose the Development tab.

You can read more about the Registration HERE.