How to use the "mark as a troll" button in the Library well?

Mark a question as a troll:

  • Use the button only if the question is offensive, harmful, malicious or hurtful
  • A difficult, a too specific, a wrong or maybe a too easy question is NOT a troll question. Please in this case use the "doesn't. fit the game" or "needs to be corrected" options*
  • If you mark a question as troll, and your marking is NOT correct, you'll get -3 troll points

*Triviador requires both easy and difficult questions. Do NOT suggest a question for deletion because it's too difficult or too easy!

If someone marks a question as a troll, and the mark is legitimate:

  • The player who marked the question as troll will get +3 troll hunter points
  • The sender of the question will get -3 troll points
  • The players who voted to get the question into the game will receive -1 troll point
  • The players who voted to keep the question out of the game will get +1 troll (hunter) point

Modifications that are considered as trolls:

  • Marking the good answer in any way
  • Changing the wrong answers in a way to significantly change the difficulty level of the question
  • Rewriting the question to such an extent that the content of the question changes substantially.
  • In this case, the player who changed the question gets -3 troll points
  • Players who voted for the modification to be added to the game will receive -1 troll point

"Doesn't fit the game" suggestions as a troll case:

  • Recommending a question for deletion without a legit reason / comment
  • The note / comment is written in an offensive, inappropriate style

Please take these into account before using the troll mark!

You can track your troll points in the Library.

If you reach -7 troll points, you will be PERMANENTLY banned from the library.