How to change your registered e-mail address

You can change your email address in the "Account management" section.

On the Home screen click on the little icon in the upper right corner:

To change your e-mail address click on the little "pen" icon next to your e-mail

First you need to enter your password and then the new e-mail address or yours which you'd like to use in the future:

We will send you a confirmation code to check your new email address whether it's a valid address:

You need to enter this code in the "Account management" menu. Until you don't confirm your new e-mail address with the code you got, or you won't revoke the change you'll see a warning pop-up on the Home screen:

Click on this pop-up message and enter the code. Or if you changed your mind and don't want to change your e-mail address you can revoke the process.

After entering the code we change your registered e-mail address. After the change you can log in with your new e-mail address and your password.

From this moment a one-week grace period will start. Until it's not over or you don't close it you1ll see the following pop-up warning message on your Home screen:

You get a code to your OLD EMAIL ADDRESS to close this grace period.

If you cannot log in to your old email address don't worry, the grace period will end in a week and the change of your e-mail address will be finalized automatically.

If you can log in to your old e-mail address then you can use the code you got. Click on the little pop-up message (a.k.a open the account management menu) and enter your code:

If it wasn't you who changed the registered email address in Triviador you can revoke this modification with the code you get to your original email address, just log in with that code and with your original email address. 

After logging in you MUST change your password.

We will automatically delete the email change and restore your old / original email address.