How to write a good quiz question?

You can find two kind of quiz question in Triviador:

  • Multiple Choice Question (MCQ)
  • Guess Question (GQ)

In case of a MCQ you need to choose the correct answer from 4 options. If we speak about GQ the correct answer should be a positive integer, up to 9 digits (including 0).

IMPORTANT NOTE! Easy and harder questions also wanted. The system can choose easier questions for beginners and
harder questions for professional players. So a question still can be good if it's too hard or too easy for you to answer. The easy questions will go to the beginner players, the really hard questions will be given to the players with high APP (Answer Power Point).

So if the new question is good in terms of content and other aspects, don't dismiss it because you couldn't answer it easily or it was easy to answer.

Content and technical requirements:

  • The question can be up to 120 character long
  • The answer options (in case of MCQ) should not be longer than 40 characters
  • The answer of a GQ should be a positive integer, up to 9 digits (including 0)
  • Pay attention to the spelling
  • Make sure you choose the right subject for your question
  • Think about whether you have seen a similar question during your battles. (A similar or same question won't be included in the database - we try to avoid duplication.)
  • If your activities related to the Library / questions are less helpful and useful to the development of the game, you'll be prohibited from the Library.

We made a short list about what a good quiz question is. Please before you submit a new question read this article carefully.


  • A good MCQ should be Interesting, thought-provoking, and should inspire interest
  • It may not be unanswered, or impossibly difficult (If you write a hard question leave the possibility to rule out one or two obviously wrong answer.)
  • Only one of the 4 possible answers may be correct
  • Pay attention to the general wording. Some of the questions may be out of date. In this case, write the date into the question!
  • Write clear and accurate questions!
  • Players have limited time to read and answer the questions. Don’t write questions and answers that are too long!
  • Write the ‘NOT’ world with capital letters. It’s clearer for the players at first sight.
  • Avoid number answers for multiple choice questions. It’s better for guess questions. But, you can write multiple choice questions with number answers if it’s reasonable (if the answer is not a positive integerr number, or if it’s an approximate value)
  • It is advisable to write questions about as many areas as possible (you will find the subjects of the questions and its descriptions below).


  • A good GQ should be Interesting, thought-provoking, and should inspire interest
  • The answer should be at least estimable, the event / the subject of the question can be placed in time more or less. But it's not a problem if the usually the people doesn't know the exact answer.
  • The answer of the guess question is an exact number. Don't ask for approximate values
  • There's limited time to read and answer the questions please note this when writing a question
  • Add some additional information to the question ("In what year did the Orient Express run for the first time between Paris and Giurgiu?") It's good if the question gives some.
  • Avoid answers with too many numbers! A maximum of 6 digits is suggested for any answer. If the answer is a larger number, ask for hundreds, thousands, millions, etc.
  • Remember to add the unit of the measure to the question if necessary.
  • The dates of important events and famous people may be included here as a guess question not a MCQ
  • Remember you can't just write questions about years / dates. Think about writing interesting, tricky questions too!

The subjects of the questions and the short description of these:

  • Math, Physics
    Math and physics, but the IT and technology related questions are also listed here. Plus the prominent representatives of these sciences.
  • History
    All historical events which are related to the country or to the world, and the well-known historical persons. The subjects of the science of history.
  • Art
    All classical arts outside of literature, like painting, classical music, sculpture, etc.
  • Everyday
    The most important economic-, political-, social events and persons of the recent and the present. Cars, brands, military ranks and everything from everyday.
  • Sport
    Next to the classic sports, the esports, the various online and offline games and the most famous esporters and events are included here.
  • Geography
    Mountains, rivers, countries, cities, minerals and everything that you can find on the world map and on the star map.
  • Biology, Chemistry
    Anatomy, diseases and everything else that deals with the living and inanimate substances.
  • Lifestyle
    Gastronomy, fashion, beauty care, healthy lifestyle and some restrained esotericism.
  • Literature, grammar
    All major authors and written works are included here. Drama, lyric, epic, plus the rules of spelling and grammar.
  • Entertainment, tabloid journalism
    All areas of the entertainment industry and lighter genres, information about the celebrities.