How can you participate in the translation of the questions?

If you come across a question during your game that you think would be appropriate in the Triviador World (international English) version you can mark it for translation.

The purpose of this feature is to create a real international question database in which all the questions are available in every language.

The first step is thee "mark for translation" feature. So from every language version players can recommend questions into the international English (Triviador World) question database.

Later on these questions will be translated into every language and will be in every versions’ database.


1. If you'd like to participate you need to enable the feature in the Library

As we collect local questions into our international database you CANNOT mark questions for translation in the Triviador World version!

2. If you come across a question during your game you can mark that question for translation.

IMPORTANT NOTE! You can mark only one question in a game. So for example if you already reported a wrong question you cannot mark another for translation.

3. If you marked a question for translation you'll find it in the Library under the Question Check tab.

You have one hour to translate a marked question!

Please only mark those questions which can be interesting in every corner of the World, from India to South America through Europe. 

It’s not a tragedy if your translation is not 100% perfect, it will be checked by English players too.

If you check a translation the most important criteria is that the essence of the question does not change and the translation is clearly understandable.

Every translation will be checked by the local players first. If they accept your translation then the English players will double check it. And of course there will be a duplication checking in the Triviador World version (same as with the new questions).

If your translation is accepted you'll get Knowledge Points and the translated question will be released in the Triviador World game.


You can check other players' translations too. (To do this you also need to enable the feature in the Library (see 1st step above).

When you check a translated question you have 2 options:

  • The translation is correct.
  • The translation is NOT correct or grammatically and / or formally incorrect.

You can check the translated questions in the Library - Question Check