How to submit a new question?

The "submitting a new question" feature has 3 parts. You can find the whole process in the Library.

  • Writing a new question
  • Mini Quiz: where you can check and vote on other players' questions
  • Similarity check: you can check other players' questions if they match in content with an existing question


In the Library you can write & submit a new question. Please before you start writing a question carefully read the following article: What is a good quiz question like?

You can submit 10 Multiple Choice Questions and 10 Guess Questions a day (1 per each subject).

Submitting a new question - step by step tutorial:

1. Choose what kind of question you'd like to write: Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) or Guess Question (GQ)


2. You should enter your question in the top box. It CANNOT be longer than 120 characters.

If you write a MCQ you need to enter 4 answer options. Please enter the correct answer in the box with the golden frame. The answer options CANNOT have more than 40 characters.

If you write a GQ the answer should be a positive integer, up to 9 digits and 0 (zero).

But we recommend to keep the answer less than 6 digits. If the answer is longer you should use in your question for example the term "thousand" ("How many thousands of dollars did Marion steal in Hitchcock's "Psycho"?" - instead of "How many dollars did Marion steal in Hitchcock's "Psycho"?")

If you finish writing the question and the answer(s), you should choose the subject of the questions.

You can find more information about the subjects in THIS ARTICLE.


3. If you1re ready click on the "Submit" button.


After submitting a question we will check if there's any same questions in the question database.

If there's no same question, your question will get into the Mini Quiz where other players can check and evaluate it.

If you question successfully goes through the Mini Quiz, and according to the majority of the players it's a good question and it should be in the game then the players will check if there's any similar question in the game. (See below: Similarity Check).

If you question goes through every process with a positive results then you'll see your question again in the game. :)