Dear (future) Group Member!

You can join the Triviador Test Group on Facebook and be a member if you're and ACTIVE tester on Google Play (you're a member of Google Play Beta test group).

We created this group with 2 main purposes:

  1. To find such loyal and enthusiastic players from all the 18 language versions who are happy to share their opinion and their feedback about the game

  2. They’re willing to test the new versions which don’t necessarily work properly, before the official release.


To be a member of the testing group please send us the following information to

  • your email address which you use on Google Play
  • your Triviador profile (name & ID) which you will use to test the game
  • your Facebook name which you use to join our group

We don't look for new members all the time, so it can happen that your joining request will be refused.

So applying does not mean automatic admission!

It also can happen that we look for new members but you play a language version where we have enough testers from. and we'd like to have testers from other language version(s).

At this moment we test Triviador only on Google Play. So only players with Android devices can join testing the game.


For testing Triviador you need to join the beta tester program on Google Play with the following link: 

Using the same link you can quit the tester program. (You can join and quit anytime freely until we don't remove your account from our Google Play beta tester group.)

If you join (or quit) you need to wait a few minute / hour to be able to download the test version (or the live version if you quit).

You maybe need to quit the tester program sometimes when the test version has a major blocking issue, and you cannot play at all.

It can happen anytime when we release a new feature that's why we test all the upcoming features so it won't cause any troubles in the live version. If you cannot accept this and / or if you think it you are adversely affected then we won't look for you in this group.

We would like to emphasize once again that there can be minor or major bugs in the test version, or blocker bugs, which can degrade the gaming experience and make it difficult to use the application.

Please share your feedbacks and comments on the test version in the Facebook Tester Group.


We would like to draw your attention to removal of the inactive members from this group and from Google Play.*

We created this group to any bugs / errors can be fixed as soon as possible. To do this we need you as a tester to be and active player and active group member. We need to get as many feedbacks as posssible when we test any new features.

An inactive group member is the one who:

  • doesn't give any feedback for a whole season (for 28 days) in any case (likes, dislikes, etc are not a real reaction)
  • doesn't test the latest beta version of the game, and the new features, doesn't write any feedbacks on these ("I don't see any problems, I don't have any isssues, etc" are feedbacks too, but please try to test every feature as many times as you can)
  • doesn't test the new version in time, but days / weeks later when the issues are already known and reported by other players

We know that anybody can have hard time in his / her life and cannot spend too much (or any time) on testing the game. In these kind of cases if you let us know what's happenning then of course we will disregard the above criteria.

*If we remove your email address from the beta tester program on Google Play you need to quit the program too. To quit please use the following link: 

If you don't quit from the program you won't get any updated version anymore.


Principles of the closed group operation:

  • It is important for us to know first-hand about the problems and topics that concern you.
  • We need to think about the beginner, new players too, we need to see how a player will become a long-time Triviador player (what kind of features help to achieve it).
  • These features are totally different from your goals and it doesn’t concern you. But these are essential to our long-term operation.
  • We’d like to have several points of view, more kinds of opinions in this group which can be discussed in a cultural way.
  • We're pretty sure that not everyone will agree with everyone, but we believe that cultured debates also have a place and a benefit. It takes things forward.
  • But THERE’S NO place to insult each other. We won’t and we can’t do justice. If someone can’t accept this, we unfortunately have to make him/her leave the group.
  • We know there are some differences between the members, and there won’t be a moment when everyone likes everyone, but I’d like to believe that this group can work efficiently.
  • Before you report a bug or you have any feedback, or question please take a look at the other players' comments, maybe there's already a discusssion about it. In this case please write your comments under these feedbacks. 
  • We think about every idea sent by you. There will be some of these which will be rejected, there will be ideas which will be kept on our list for further planning (we may reject them after careful consideration), but there are some that we include into our development plan (maybe we will release it in the next season).
  • We decide about the final development list, because we need to consider the sustainability and the long-term goals of the company (considering financial aspects, daily active users numbers aspects, etc.) There are many aspects that must be taken into account and you have no knowledge of it.
  • We don’t make our decision based on one player's opinion, and we don’t develop something because one exact player asked us to do it.
  • Be very careful about passing any information related to features that are still under development outside the group. Incorrect information can create unpleasant situations. Avoid this if it's possible. However we thank you for informing the other players with correct information.

Failure to comply with the CODE OF ETHICS will result in termination of membership.