The game consists of 3 parts:

Base Territory Selection



Triviador Duel is an exciting trivia, strategy game among two players. The goal of the game is to answer trivia questions correctly to be able to conquer as many territories as you can to win the battle.

There are two players in every game, marked with red and blue color.

The game map is chosed randomly during the draw (while the players wait for their opponent).

So it can be that you play once on the map of Hungary, then on the map of Gerrmany or Brazil or you'll get the world map.

Currently, there are 17 different maps in the game. Most of these have 15 territories, but some of these divided into 19 territories.

How to play:

1. Base Territory Selection:

The game first randomly draws a Base Territory for each player. These Base Territories do not borderr one another on the map. They are each worth 1000 points. Each Base Territory is indicated on the map with a 3-towered Castle.

2. Expansion:

In this phase the players compete for the remaining empty territories (there can be 13 or 17 empty territories). This round consists of 3 rounds. Each round begins with a Guess Question for all 2 players. The answer to these questions is always a positive whole number. The winner is the player who enters the answer closest to the right one.

If two answers are the correct, or are equidistant from the correct one, the player with the fastest answer is considered the winner.

Players may only choose free territories that border their own empire. If there are none of those left, then the player may choose any free territory. Players get 200 points for every territory they take.

The order of the chosing is the following:

RoundMaps with 19 territoriesMaps with 15 territories
The numbers of conquered territoriesThe order of the players*The numbers of conquered territoriesThe order of the players*
1st round71-2-1-2-1-2-151-2-1-2-1
2nd round51-2-1-2-151-2-1-2-1
3rd round51-2-1-2-131-2-1

*The order of the players:

  • 1 means the winning player who entered the better answer
  • 2 means the second player who lost the round (answered worse)

3. Battle:

The Battle consists of 4 rounds. From this point on, players try to conquer territories from one another. Players take turns attacking.

The Attacker and the Defender are asked the same Multiple Choice Question:

  • The Defender wins if the Attacker does not get the correct answer, or does not respond;
  • The Attacker wins if s/he gets the right answer and the Defender does not;
  • If both Attacker and Defender get the right answer, the Battle is decided by a Guess Question.

If the Attacker wins, s/he gets the contested territory, while the Defender has the territory’s value deducted from her/his score. The Attacker gets 400 points.

From this point on, that will be the value of this territory. The Defender gets a Defense Bonus of 100 points if s/he wins by answering the first question correctly.

The order of attacks is the following:

1st Round2nd Round3rd Round4h Round
1st attacker2nd attacker1st attacker2nd attacker1st attacker2nd attacker1st attacker2nd attacker

Territories can be attacked as follows:

  • In the 1st round of the Battle you can only attack the adjacent territories. You CAN NOT attack any Castles (regardless of whether it is adjacent).

  • In the 2nd round of the Battle you can still only attack the adjacent territories, but you can attack the adjacent Castles too. 

  • In the 3rd round of the Battle you can still only attack the adjacent territories but you can use the Magic Wings booster to attack a non-adjacent territory or Castle.

  • In the 4th round of the Battle you can attack any territories in the final round.

As you can see above, you can use the Magic Wings booster only in the third round. (You don’t need to use it in the 4th round as you can attack any territory.)

When attacking a Base Territory, the Attacker must knock down all 3 Castle Towers on that territory. If the Attacker wins the Battle, one Tower falls and the Battle continues for the Towers that are still standing. As soon as the Attacker loses, the attack ends.

If the Attacker knocks down the last Tower, s/he gets all of the Defender’s points and territories, and the game is over. When the Base Territory is attacked, the Towers that have already fallen do not need to be attacked again.

A draw is not possible because, if the players have the same amount of points at the end of the game, the final result will be decided with a Guess Question.