We know that there can be players in every version with more names, and with “bad behavior”.

But to understand our dilemma, there are some important things to know:

  • GDPR: we do NOT store any personal data about our players - mostly because of the GDPR, but we wouldn’t like to know or to have (because we don’t need it) any personal information. Among others that’s why we don’t use FB login anymore. 
  • If we know someone by name it’s because we have some personal contact with him/her not from the database.
  • We don’t have any technical tools (because of the previous point) with which we can tell with 100% sure that this and that  profiles are the same person.
  • That’s why we can not ban anyone because we suppose one and the other profile are the same person
  • Nonetheless, we believe that there is no place for players who destroy the game community by violating ethical, moral norms.
So the questions are regarding the points above:
  • Who, when and why is someone considered as a community destroyer? When can we say that someone destroys the game community?
  • How many players’ opinions do matter in such a case? Which players’s opinions do matter?
  • How can we prevent someone from being unduly punished? 
  • What would be the appropriate action in such cases?
So this is a very tough and sensitive question, because we wouldn’t like to punish anyone unduly, but we also don’t want anyone to destroy our community by hiding behind the anonymity of the internet.