As a member of the Order of Knights (i.e. registered player) you have the opportunity to use the Remove a Subject Booster.

If you are already a member of the Order of Dragons, you can use this Booster for free during your membership.

The Remove a Subject Booster lets you exclude a specific subject from your games. You will not encounter a question from the excluded subject in any of the game modes during the exclusion period.

Your opponents may also have excluded a topic, so in a given game you may only get questions on 7 topics.

To exclude a subject, go to your Profile page and select the Subject tab:

As a member of the Order of Dragons, all you have to do is select the Subject and it will be excluded. You can learn how to join the Order of Dragons and what the benefits are HERE.

By selecting the Subject as a member of the Order of Knights, you can decide in the next window how long you want to use the Booster.

After selecting the period, confirm your purchase.

In the excluded Subject icon you can see how long it has been excluded.

You can transfer a purchased Remove a Subject Booster to another topic at any time during that period.

The same is true if you are a member of the Order of Dragons - you can transfer the exclusion to another Subject at any time. If you tap the excluded Subject again, it will become active.