If you have already registered a Triviador account, you are a member of the Order of Knights. You can view the following information by clicking on your Profile page:


You will find the following information on you Registered Player Profile Page:

  • Your name
  • Your Clan's name (if you are a Clan member)
  • Your Clan's Shield 
  • Your Triviador registration date
  • Your Shield for the current Season
  • Your Daily Rank (we show your best rank here)
  • Your current Season Points (Next to the calendar icon)
  • Under your soldier you can find your best season points and rank
  • The Crowns indicate on your current game count


As a registered player, you have the opportunity to join the Dragon Order.

When you join, you will have access to the following exclusive content:

  • Featured name
  • Larger Friends List
  • Store multiple messages
  • Once a day, you can replace one of your poorly played games with a better one without the Series Booster
  •  You can use the Remove a Subject Booster for free during your membership
  • Ad-free (see only the ads you want to see, such as video ads for free Boosters)
  • Your Soldier will have a special weapon
  • Extra predefined messages that can be used during a Battle
  • Special character animations
  • Developed Throne Room
  • Special offers in the Market Square reserved for Dragon Order members only

You can read more about joining the Dragon Order HERE.


You will find the results of all your games here:

  • First column: Short Campaign games
  • Second column:: Long Campaign games
  • Third column: Alliance games
  • Fourth column: Duel games
  • Fifth column: Game results total

Displayed below the table you will find your player level.


On this page you will find your answer percentage by subject.

You can also use the Remove a Subject Booster here. Just tap on the Subject icon you want to exclude.

If you are a member of the Dragon Order, you can use this Tactical Booster for free.

You can read more about the Remove a Subject Booster HERE.