Along with Practice Games, Friendly Games are not Ranked (aka Competition) game types. The results you get here do NOT affect your Season Rank, you will NOT get Season Points, and it will NOT change your Daily Rank List results either.

Feel free to invite any of your Friends to a Friendly Game!
Or join any of the existing "free to join" kind of Friendly Games

1. Click PLAY WITH FRIENDS on the main page.

2. Next, you can choose to create a new private room, or, if you received a code, you can join an existing room, or you can join any of the games on the list on the left side of the screen.

3. If you creating your own separate room, choose a Game Mode first!

4. In case of certain game modes you can choose a map for the game by clicking on a map icon:

5. You can also choose specific Subjects if you do not want to play include all of the.

Click the Subject icon(s) you want to exclude. To create a room, at least one Subject must remain active.

Then click on the "Add Players" button.

6. Invite your Friends

Once you create the room, you will immediately be inside the room. If you have chosen the Alliance mode, you will be able to invite one friend only.

You have the option to start the game with two Bots, or invite your friends with a code. or you can choose the "Anyone can join" option as well.

With the button next to "Player 1" and "Player 2" you can invite your online Triviador friends.

If no one of your friends is available (online), you can send the displayed code via SMS, Viber, Messenger, Whatsapp etc. to anyone, even non-Triviador players. Or, you can sign up for League Chat if you would like to play with anyone across Triviador. You can even send it to your Clanmates.

You are free to leave the prepared room at any time, but if someone has already joined the room, the room will not be deleted, and your Friends will be able to play without you.

You can remove any connected player from the room if you do not want the room to remain open.