After completing a mission new mission(s) will be available for you.

You can find your current missions in the "Missions" menu.

With your first login to Triviador some of the missions start immediately. You can consider your first login as a mission too with a reward of 10,000 GOLD.

The table below show when, and how you can get your next missions - what you need to compete or do to get that mission available. 

(Pre missions / pre activity: here you can find which missions or activity you need to complete to have that mission available in the first column.)


MissionPre mission /
 pre activity
Play 10 Ranked Games!first login10,000 GoldIn-game
Play 50 Ranked Games!Play 10 Ranked Games!50,000 GoldIn-game
Get 7 Stars!első belépés9,000 GoldDeadline
Get 14 Stars!Get 7 Stars!18,000 GoldDeadline
Get 21 Stars!Get 14 Stars!27,000 GoldDeadline
7 games in one dayGet 7 Stars!Season Point Savers (1 pieces of each)Deadline
Try the Question Boosters!first loginQuestion Boosters (1 pieces of each)Tutorial
Try the Tactical Boosters!Try the Question Boosters!Tactical Boosters (1 pieces of each)Tutorial
Watch a reward video ad!Try the Tactical Boosters!10,000 GoldTutorial
Play several modes!first login30,000 GoldTutorial
Replace one of your bad result!7 games in one daySeason Point Savers (1 pieces of each)Tutorial
Waiting for you!first login10,000 GoldDeadline
3 days in a rowWaiting for you!20,000 GoldDeadline
7 days in a row3 days in a row50,000 GoldDeadline
Come back 20 times!7 days in a row100,000 GoldTutorial
Join the Order of Knights!first login100,000 GoldCommunity
Send a message in the game!first login10,000 GoldCommunity
Friendly gamefirst login10,000 GoldCommunity
Have a friend!first login10,000 GoldCommunity
Join a Clan!first login100,000 GoldCommunity
Try the Clan Chat!Join a Clan!10,000 GoldCommunity
7 days of Clan membershipJoin a Clan!63,000 GoldCommunity
Clan BoosterJoin a Clan!126,000 GoldTutorial
Play 500 Ranked Games!Play 50 Ranked Games!100,000 GoldIn-game
Play 1000 Ranked Games!Play 500 Ranked Games!200,000 GoldIn-game
50 days in a rowCome back 20 times!200,000 GoldDeadline
Come back 100 times!50 days in a row500,000 GoldTutorial
Get 300 Season Points!first login10,000 GoldIn-game
Get 400 Season Points!Get 300 Season Points!20,000 GoldIn-game
Get 500 Season Points!Get 400 Season Points!30,000 GoldIn-game
Get 600 Season Points!Get 500 Season Points!50,000 GoldIn-game
Get 700 Season Points!Get 600 Season Points!100,000 GoldIn-game
Get 800 Season Points!Get 700 Season Points!200,000 GoldIn-game
Get 900 Season Points!Get 800 Season Points!500,000 GoldIn-game
Get 1000 Season Points!Get 900 Season Points!1,000,000 GoldIn-game
Triviador Patronage MisssionJoin the Order of Knights!500,000 GoldCommunity
27,000 Gold for the Clan TreasuryJoin a Clan!27,000 GoldCommunity
45,000 Gold for the Clan Treasury27,000 Gold for the Clan Treasury45,000 GoldCommunity
63,000 Gold for the Clan Treasury45,000 Gold for the Clan Treasury63,000 GoldCommunity