Season Rank Lists and League Battles (i.e. competition games) are based on SEASON POINTS.

Games played in ALL of the different Game Mode are included in the calculation of Season Points.

Every day we only take into account the Season Points collected in the first 7 games regarding the Rank List results.

This means that, in the Rank List, your Season Points are only affected by your first 7 games played that day. The eighth, ninth, etc. games will no longer change your ranking.

With the help of the Season Point Saver Boosters, you have the opportunity to exchange 5 games for better ones on that day. You can find more information about this in the SEASON POINT SAVER menu item.

If you're wondering which Game Mode to play, and how many SP you can collect with what ranking, read the Season Rankings - Leagues description.


As a new player, you are not yet involved in League Battles. This is still a practice field. :) You have the opportunity to master the rules of the game in all Game Modes, and to discover which game works best for you and develop into the best strategist.

However, from the very first Battle you will begin collecting Season Points (this table shows how much you can earn per Game Mode / per level) and achieve higher ranks with them.

As soon as you reach the Emerald League level (i.e. 9000 SP) you will automatically be able to participate in the League Battles. 

You can not lose your Shield once it is earnes -  even after the Season ends. Each player's Shield reflects the best results achieved so far.

So, if you reach the Master Warrior level in one Season, your Shield will not change with the start of the next Season; only the Season Points will start again from the Emerald Le level.


Season Points

  1. Bronze Warrior 

0 - 499

  1. Bronze Knight

500 - 999

  1. Bronze Champion 

1,000 - 1,499

  1. Silver Warrior

1,500 - 2,499

  1. Silver Knight 

2,500 - 3,499

  1. Silver Champion

3,500 - 4,499

  1. Gold Knight 

4,500 - 5,999

  1. Gold Warrior

6,000 - 7,499

  1. Gold Champion

7,500 - 8,999

  1. Smaragd Champion

9,000 - 11,999

  1. Sapphire Champion

12,000 - 15,999

  1. Ruby Champion

16,000 - 20,999

  1. Master Warrior

21,000 - 26,999


27000 -

For each Rank you will get a different Shield, and the appearance of your Soldier will also constantly evolve.

Respectively, you can collect Gold Coins per level. You can read about this in the Level-up Rewards article.